App Spotlight: Cosplanner

Hello blogosphere – it’s been a minute!

Don’t worry, I have a fairly legitimate explanation for my recent absence: I’ve been working on my coolest costume yet! I’m working on all-growed-up-Hiccup (Rugrats, anyone? No?) from the delightful, Golden Globe winning, Oscar nominated HTTYD2. This costume has so many little details and I’ve been making things and utilizing techniques that I’ve never used before…suffice it to say, it’s been eating up pretty much all of my spare time and creativity. But good news is, it’s coming along really well; actually, surprisingly well. Something usually goes wrong by this point, but so far I’ve been in the clear! Now let’s move on to the topic of this post before I jinx myself any further.

I discovered a fabulous new app a little while ago that has been a terrific help in my cosplay shenanigans. I randomly happened upon somebody mentioning it in the comments section of one of Commander Holly’s new videos on YouTube and I decided to check it out…I was not disappointed. This app is crazy helpful when it comes to organizing, planning, budgeting, documenting, etc. the entire process of making and showing off a costume. I mostly use it to have my shopping list and reference photos with me at all times, but there are a bunch of other features that are pretty darn cool. I’ve taken some screenshots of the app to prove it to you. So here’s a little walk through:

When you first open the app, all of your past and present costumes appear for you to choose from with your progress on it shown as a percentage. Oh and an unsightly ad…ignore that.



If you select a costume that you’re currently working on, Hiccup in my case, you’ll have a bunch more options. The main tab gives you the opportunity to list all of the supplies that you have to buy and, below that, all of the elements that you have to make. For the ‘To Buy’ things, you can check them off when you’ve bought them and enter how much they cost. For the ‘To Make’ things, you can enter the % completed and how many hours you spent on it. WOW. Such organize.



In another window, you can attach your reference photos. This is INCREDIBLY handy. Having your shopping list and reference photos for colour choosing, etc. always at the ready is just brilliant.


Along the bottom you also have the option to write some notes on your costume:


And a preeeetty snazzy summary of the project. It’s cool to see how much time you’ve invested / sad to see how much time you’ve wasted on the project (depends on how full your glass is?). It’s also super helpful and practical and adult-y to see the total cost and how you’re measuring up to your budget so that you’re money doesn’t just enter a black hole.




Now if we move onto a completed project, Anna in my case, you’ve got EVEN MORE options. I know, there’s more. First, you can register which events you’ve warn the costume to. Also, you can keep track of professional photoshoots, and achievements or awards you won for it, and a collection of your favourite photos in the costume.





And that’s about it. I foresee this app helping me immensely, even just in the fact that my shopping list and reference photos are in the same place…What a caution! I encourage anyone who makes costumes to get this app, it’s seriously cool! It’s totally free and you can get it on both your Apple and Android devices.

It’ll be at least a few more weeks before I can post anything Hiccup related, but hopefully I’ll have something different up before then!

Happy costuming!



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