Christmas Gift Guide: What To Get The Geek

If you’re stewing over what to get for your geeky friend or family member this Christmas…NEVER FEAR! They’re probably one of the easiest people on your list to shop for – you just need to know Doctor-Who-Christmaswhere to look. You may be thinking “I can’t find anything Sally would like in the entire mall, she only likes dumb things like that show about the kid with the blue arrows and that other one with some guy with a red scarf”. You would be right, good sir/madam: the coolest of things are seldom found in the petty shops of the physical realm. The internet will be your best friend on this endeavor. I like to think of myself as a bit of a nerd so allow me to take you on a tour of my favourite internet shops and hopefully give you at least one or two ideas for the receiver of your yet-to-be-bought gift. Please remain seated and keep your arms and legs in at all times.


Everyone loves a graphic tee, especially those of the nerdy variety. We love to wear them as a subtle nod to the shows/movies/games that we’re oh so passionate about with the hopes that we’ll receive that fabled “nice shirt” nod and smirk or even an audible affirmation that we’re not alone. Dayoftheshirt compiles a bunch of sites that sell one shirt design for one day and then it’s gone forever. 95% of these designs are of the nerdy genre and if you keep an eye on this site you’re bound to find one that will suit your friends fancy. Also, they’ve hiked up the prices lately but they’re still on the cheap side!

2. If you don’t have time to wait for the perfect tee to roll around and need a last minute gift, then Etsy is your go to place. There are literally thousaaaaaands of options for you here. If you know what stuff your friend is into simply type keywords into the search bar and your selection will be endless (almost). Here’s some shops that I love:

T-shirts (especially Harry Potter):




And there’s SOOO many more!

3. Another great site that’s slightly more on the pricey side but has a lot of nerdy options is They have everything from clothes and accessories to toys and gadgets to completely random yet awesome things…such as this lightsaber candlestick! Waaaah?? That’s right. (If you’re interested in that the link is


4. Yet another great site full of nerdy paraphernalia as well as other artsy stuff is Society 6.

They actually have a multitude of cool home decor, prints, etc. and I think I’ll be buying for my two best friends from there (and they’re not even there’s that). This link will actually bring you to gift guides they have for their site – Firefly fan? DONE.

5. My last option would be to make something for them. It’s cheap, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and it’ll mean a lot more if it’s made by your own two hands! This blog is full of DIY ideas and the internet is even fuller. Try Pinterest for some ideas. Even just Sharpie-ing one of their favourite quotes onto a mug with a little doodle might bring a silly grin to their face!

I hope this gave you some ideas. It’s pretty close to Christmas but if you get on it now, items bought online should come in time. If not, keep these sites in mind for next year! Definitely let me know if you find a gift for a friend on any of these sites, I’d love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas!



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