Big Hero 6: Another Disney Favourite

Alright, let’s talk movies. I’m currently high on Dr. Pepper, Twix, Fuzzy Peaches and the amazing feelings that ride on the back of an excellent film…so we’ll see how this goes.


I went into the theater tonight thinking that I was going to see a pretty entertaining Disney flick that I had heard was a bit of a tear jerker. I did not expect to see one of the best, most heartwarming movies I’ve seen in many moons. Also, tear jerking? More like heartwrenching; a red sun rises, tears have been spilled this night.

The first thing I want to applaud is the originality of this movie. Big Hero 6 is based off of a Marvel comic of the same name (it’s a Marvel movie so make sure you stay til the end of the credits!). Everything from the world to the storyline to the characters is nothing quite like I’ve ever seen before. And in a world full of recycled plots, sequels for the sake of sequels, and revamps ten years before a revamp is needed, complete originality is so refreshing.

I can also say that this movie produced not one but two characters that I can safely add to my ‘favourite characters of all time and space’ list. And one of them only had fifteen minutes of screen time. Let’s just take a second to appreciate how incredible a feat it is to make a character that lovable in such a short amount of time. I won’t mention who I’m talking about cause that’s kind of a major spoiler but I will say the second character added to the list was the fantastically helpful marshmallow robot, Baymax. I’m pretty sure he made me giggle like a child over fifteen times during the movie. In addition to that, two out of the three times that I cried were in scenes involving him…props to you Baymax. “Fist bump!…..Lahdel lahdel lahdel la!”

The animation in this movie is incredible, the villains are unexpected and the plot has many twists and turns. It doesn’t lull or break form at any point and keeps you entertained until the very end.

Alright, there’s something else I have to mention and I know my fellow SG-1ers will have my back when I say THERE WERE FREAKING STARGATES IN THIS MOVIE. I’m not being funny. Here’s how it went down in my mind.

So near the beginning of the movie at the academy fair where Hiro presents his technology, there was a bulletin board on which a blueprint was pinned of something that looked suspiciously like a Stargate. I thought nothing of it other than “Hey, that looks like a Stargate! Cool.” and moved on. Then, during the build up to the finale, these things are revealed in real life, not just on a blue print. Lo and behold, they look almost identical to a Stargate. Then (I’M NOT DONE) it activates….and none other than a blue watery substance fills the ring (This is where I gasped). Then Krei demonstrates how it works and… it’s a portal. IT’S A PORTAL THROUGH SPACE. IT’S A STARGATE (This is where I peed a little). This is either a ludicrous coincidence or….I don’t know what else. But it was pretty darn crazy.

Anyways, since we’ve gotten that crazy little anecdote over with, I’ll conclude with saying this: There were four other people in the theater with us. It should have been full. This movie is so good, and I don’t think people know enough about it to compel them to go see it! So please, if you read this, go see Big Hero 6. You’ll be doing yourself a mighty favour.

That is all, this excitement has caused me to stay up far too late.



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