Halloween 2014: Recess Group Costume

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!

Hope all of you had great fun! This year some of my friends and I decided to go as characters from Recess. Here’s us as TJ, Spinelli, and Gretchen.


The brilliant thing about this group costume is that there’s SO MANY characters in this show with really distinct costumes so you could literally do this with a group of twenty people. That would be EPIC. Think about it, there’s the classic crew, the diggers, King Bob, the swing girl, kindergarteners, Miss Finster, that kid who deals candy and stuff, the list goes on and on. The costumes are super comfortable and easy to make; we found all of our stuff at Value Village.
They’re also perfect for Halloween parties. I never like to wear any of my nice costumes on Halloween just because the chance of them getting ruined are pretty high. These costumes are really simple and cheap and easy to find clothes for so I wouldn’t have been too upset if someone had spilled a drink on it.

I’m super interested to know what you went as for Halloween this year! Let me know down below. I’m already starting to scheme about next year…Michael Jackson from Thriller? Bellatrix Lestrange? We shall see.

Happy costuming!



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