HTTYD: DIY Night Fury Flag


Hey there!

I bring you my Thanksgiving weekend project: a night fury flag! I’ve been itching to make something HTTYD lately but haven’t been feeling a costume (Me, not feeling a costume?! Crazy but true). So I can up with a flag that I thought could be hanging around Berk for the dragon races. I thought this would be pretty simple and would look AWESOME on my bedroom wall.

I was going to do a tutorial on here but really it was just a matter of drawing, cutting and sewing! But I will show you my reference photos and a couple tips in case you want to try and make your own.

Night Fury Insignia Reference Photo:

There are a bunch of variations of the same idea out there, but here’s the one I chose


I also think this one by stitch5408 is super awesome –


Runes Reference Photo:

I used the actual page from the Night Fury entry in the Dragon Book from the movie for the runes –



Here are four tips for making the flag:

1. I’ve said this many times in many posts but here I go again: start at a thrift store! I used a random scrap of fabric for the red, a blanket for the black, and a bed sheet for the beige. I think it all came to under ten bucks which is one heck of a lot cheaper than it would’ve been if I’d gone to the fabric store!

2. Measure everything! A lot of measuring is necessary to get the right flag size, making the panels identical, making the night fury outline proportional, everythang.

3. It’s really important that the lines are straight on the panels so to get those straight lines I used a map of Scotland that I had hanging on my wall as a ruler. This allowed me to not only have a long, straight side to trace but also helped me make sure the side line was exactly perpendicular with the top. It helped so much!


4. USE EVERY PIN YOU OWN! When I laid down the silhouette to get it ready to be sewn, I pinned it as much as I could in every place possible. It’s so important that it doesn’t shift around while sewing; if it did it would bubble and not lay properly. DSC_0005

I will definitely be ironing this the first chance I get but I don’t have one in my apartment right now! I used my hair straightener for the really bad wrinkles which worked pretty great but definitely couldn’t sort out the whole thing.

I’m super happy with how it turned out! I wasn’t expecting it to go so well, honestly. And now my room is viking-ified! If I had a giant apartment and all the time in the world, I’d make a flag for all of the dragon species..Just imagine the cool colours you could use for the Deadly Nadder! Anyways, if you try this definitely make sure to send me a picture! And as always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to put them below! 🙂




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