Kristoff (Frozen) Cosplay

Here I come with another Frozen cosplay!


I made this Kristoff cosplay for my best friend to wear in our Frozen group for Fan Expo this year. I didn’t use any patterns and I whipped it up in one night: it was definitely the easiest out of the three! This would be awesome for Halloween since it’s so simple and inexpensive (I spent about $25 on it altogether).

Here’s what I used:

-navy blue bed sheet (Value Village)

-navy waffle long-sleeved undershirt (Value Village)

-grey fur trim (Fabricland)

-pink and gold patterned trim (Fabricland)

-old black boots

-black leggings

Here’s the reference photo I used:


I started by laying the bed sheet down doubled over on the ground. I drew a rectangle with a triangle on the bottom. I then eyeballed the sleeves, pinned the two sides together, and cut ‘er out! The main rectangle and the sleeves were three separate pieces.


Next, I pinned the sleeves on and sewed everything together!


*It’s been proven that having a kitty to keep you company helps with sewing productivity and quality (source unknown)*

I then made the collar. For this, I needed to put the costume on my dress form. I wrapped a strip of fabric (doubled over!) around the neck of the form and drew how I wanted the collar to lay. I cut it out, and sewed it on.


Next I sewed the pink and gold trim onto the neckline and down the shoulder seams. This took a bit of folding and working to get it around the edges and I’m sorry I don’t have an up close picture, I left the costume at home when I went to school!

Sewing the fur onto the sleeves and bottom trim was….fun. Let me just start by saying, for the love of all things bright and beautiful, do not cut into fur trim wherever your little heart desires. The end result will be a room looking like it’s been rampaged by a pack of 17 shedding wolves. I learned that it’s very important to smooth the fur to either side, sort of like parting hair, before I cut!

Lastly, I made a belt by sewing together two lengths of the pink and gold ribbon slightly overlapped so it was twice as wide as the original trim.

The boots were ones I had from many moons ago; they had fringe on the top that I had to snip off but that’s all the alteration I did.

As a finishing touch, I took thick grey yarn and hand-sewed some stitches around the sleeve seams purely because that was on the picture of Kristoff I was using for reference.

And that’s it! Go grab your ukelele and befriend a reindeer, cause you’re now an ice-harvesting hunk!



2 thoughts on “Kristoff (Frozen) Cosplay

  1. Kristy you are so creative! You need to start making kids Halloween outfits – I know a 12 – 18 month old that would love one! Lol

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