Gotham: Start of the DC TV Flop?


With one epic Marvel movie after another, it’s obvious that DC can’t even begin to compete with them in the superhero movie realm. It appears as though the good people behind DC have realized this and have said “Okay Marvel, you do you, we’re gonna dominate people’s television screens”. It began with Arrow, and now Gotham, The Flash, and Constantine are hitting us one after the other.

I’m not gonna lie, I was very excited for this spurt of comic-related television but after watching the pilot of Gotham my spirits are significantly dampened. I attempted to get into Arrow earlier this year and found it a little too cheesy. I also wasn’t particularly fond of Oliver so I gave up.

Despite this, I thought that the concept of Gotham focusing on Commissioner Gordon and the young bat-baddies was fresh and exciting. But what was waiting for me was not fresh, nor was it exciting. It was in fact cliched and boring (I literally started doing homework during one of the big fight scenes..that’s not a good sign). The acting was bad, but half of that was due to a less than mediocre script. I wasn’t really interested in any of the characters and I spent most of the episode thinking about how Alfred sounded Australian…

Suffice it to say I was majorly disappointed by the pilot and I sadly don’t have very much hope for the rest of the series. With the first two series in the DC TV spurt being flops in my opinion I’m extremely scared for The Flash and Constantine. By the trailer for The Flash, it looks about as fresh as that moldy green pepper I forgot to eat before I left for a week of camping. And what’s this I hear about a Teen Titans live action series?! For the love of God, DC, don’t screw that up; that would literally ruin my childhood.

What are your thoughts on the pilot of Gotham? What about Arrow? Do you have hope for the future series? I would love to hear your thoughts.

For now, excuse me while I watch Days of Future Past.


P.S. Legend of Korra starts NEXT WEEK! What the what??!?


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