This is just going to be a quick post about a brilliant film I just had the pleasure of watching. In case you didn’t notice the giant picture above, that movie is called Boyhood.


This movie is the coming of age story of a boy named Mason; but, what makes it unique is that it’s probably as real as a coming of age story can possibly get. What I mean by this is that they actually took twelve years to film this movie. That is such a cool concept and it was so interesting to see all of the characters grow in ways that I’ve never seen in a movie before. More often than not if a younger or older version of a character is needed another actor will play the part or an often unconvincing effort will be made to change the original actor’s appearance. Not so in this movie! Most of the actors I had never seen before, but it was extra strange and exciting and cool to see the one actor I did recognize, Ethan Hawke, start out as a youngin’ and grow into the man we see him as today.

I just find it so cool how this movie is not really about anything but is so engaging. We’re literally just watching people live their lives for almost three hours (yes, three hours) and it’s not boring. Further, it’s not just ‘not boring’, it’s intriguing!

This is definitely one of my favourite movies of the year thus far and I implore you to go see it if it’s playing in a theatre in your area. It’ll be well worth it!



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