Comfort to the Max: Aladdin Pants

We all know those times when you put on a pair of jeans and your mind just says “No. Not today.” It’s on days like these when maximum comfort is needed and I have discovered the ultimate solution.


Meet my twin bro, Caleb!

My brother came home at Christmas with an incredible pair of trousers. When he let me try them on, my mind was opened to a whole new world of comfort (<– SEE WHAT I DID THERE?). I could move..with NO restrictions! I desperately asked him where he got them so I could get myself a pair ASAP and his response tore my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. He said that his roommate had got them for him when she went to India. Alas, poor me had to come up with an alternate solution. Upon further examination, I discovered that these things would be super easy to sew so I decided to whip myself up a pair. Everyone needs these pants, they are freaking incredible. So if you want comfort like none other, follow these simple steps.

The sewing level for these is honestly so low that this could probably be one of the first projects for someone who’s just starting. Anyways, let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

-~1.5m of fabric, any style and material, it don’t matter (I actually used a bed sheet from Value Village)

-Matching thread

-1 package of elastic, ~1cm thick

-Measuring tape



-Iron and ironing board

-And a sewing machine, obviously!

The cool thing about these pants is that nothing really matters (cue Bohemian Rhapsody) doesn’t really matter if you mess up cutting or pinning because they’re so baggy the fit doesn’t matter. It doesn’t really matter if you’re tall or short or bigger or smaller, it’s elastic baby!

How I Did It:

1.1 For me, I basically laid my brothers pants down and traced them on the doubled-over fabric.


1.2 For you, I took the measurements of the pattern so hopefully you could replicate it. Remember that for the waist band and the main pants, the fabric should be doubled over so you end up with two identical pieces.


2. Next I pinned and cut it out.

3. I then cut out the waistband which I traced from the original as well, so I measured for you.


DSC_00424. Then I ironed the two pieces cause they were dang wrinkly. I should have done this before I traced and cut the pieces but…lazy.

5. Next, I sewed up the inside and outside seam on the legs.

6. I then pinned on the waistband and sewed it. Make sure you pin them so that the ugly side of the seam is on the same side as the others..I ALWAYS mess that up and frustration ensues.

7. The next step is probably the trickiest, but once you get the hang of it then it’s real simple. Also, if you’re a sewer already then you’ve probably worked with elastic before and know how it’s done. This was my first time and so I just did it how it made sense in my mind.

7.1 I first laid out the elastic where I wanted it. I first set my machine to do a medium zigzag stitch. As I sewed, I pulled the elastic so that it and the fabric was taught. That way when the fabric was let go the elastic would bring it together in a ruffle. That’s really hard to explain so here’s a couple pictures that might help:


7.2 Do that for the waistband and leg holes. For the top line of waistband elastic and the leg holes, I doubled over the fabric and sewed over top of that (still while stretching it!) so it would be a little more comfortable.

And that’s all! They are super fast and easy to make and are SO RIDICULOUSLY COMFY. If you try this or have any questions, make sure to leave a comment!




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