Juno Cosplay



I know this is a little (well, a lot.) late, but I’m finally getting around to posting about what I wore for Halloween! HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL Halloween was 5 months ago?!?!? Where is this school year going? Insanity.

I was actually HIRED for the first time by a guy in my class at Halloween. He paid me to make him a rockin’ Hot Rod costume which took up most of my creative energy. He was quite pleased with it…at least that’s what he said when he was intoxicated.

Anyways, I was going to a party Halloween night so I knew I had to wear something. I looked through my costume closet and realized no one recognize anything in there so I’d have to make something new. My friend Emma and I wanted to do a costume together and, after much consideration, we decided to do Juno and her baby daddy, Paulie Bleeker. If you haven’t seen the movie, watch it it’s fabulous, but this is what they look like:


Pretty simple, pretty cheap, pretty recognizable, just what we needed. Emma got her clothes for Juno all at Value Village. Mine took a little more effort.

Materials Needed:

-Burgundy tank top/t-shirt (Wal-Mart)

-Bright yellow boxer style shorts (Halloween store…you could probably find them for cheap online)

-Yellow fabric paint and brush (Michaels)

-paper, writing utensil, scissors, and tape

-Yellow sweat bands (head and wrists) (Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-Set-3pcs-Sports-Bands-HeadBand-Wristbands-Sweatband-Gym-Workout-Running-U-Pick-/390654703032?var=660160512795)

-White knee high socks with black bands (Ardenes)

-Running shoes

Most of these things you just buy and they’re ready to wear. The only thing you have to do any work on is the painting of the top. I also had to alter the shorts to make them a lot shorter (they were almost knee length!) but that was a minor detail.

Basically all I did was cut out a stencil from this reference photo:


Tape it on, paint it on, let it dry, BAM, done. Oh, and I painted two yellow stripes down the sides. Oh, and I also outlined the logo in black sharpie. I’ve never worked with fabric paint before and, to tell you the plain honest truth, it wasn’t that fantastic. It was really hard to make it neat looking and to go on uniformly. And it dried really stiff making the shirt lay a little funny. But it served it’s purpose for the one night that I wore it. Here’s the finished product!


And there you have it! This is definitely a great, easy, comfortable and quick option for Halloween!

Go forth and costume, my friends.


(Juno Cosplay Tutorial)


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