Sticker it up.


Recently, I felt the urge to decorate my laptop with more stickers. My brother referred me to the AMAZING site: I’m sure you’ve heard about this site, and I had heard of it before too, but I had no idea they sold stickers. And for SO CHEAP! If you buy more than 6, you get fifty percent off the entire sticker purchase! I bought seven which only came to around $11 (Canadian). HOLY CHEAPNESS, BATMAN. Here are the ones I got:


Mr. Baggins:

Classic Who logo:


Merlin and Arthur:

Nerd Herd:

Firefly Shiny:

SG-1 Patch:

I absolutely adore all of them, and they even sent me a bonus one (the red ‘RB’ circle). It took forever for them to come in the mail, but it turns out that that was because I accidently sent them to my home address…and not my school one…which is halfway across the country from home…But my mum kindly sent them my way and I got them about a month after I ordered them. I do know, however, that the average shipping time to Canada is two weeks. I HIGHLY recommend this site, they have brilliant designs from all of your fandoms (it was terribly hard to choose just 7!) and the stickers are really good quality. Go forth and browse!

Just as a heads up, March break is fastly approaching and during that week off I’ll be working on an Anna (Frozen) cosplay so keep an eye out for that tutorial!



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