Faramir Cosplay Part 1

Hello world!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted…let’s remedy that!

I’ve just gone through a major life change by moving across the country to go to school. I’m absolutely loving everything about my new life…except for one thing: I no longer have NEARLY as much time and money to spend on cosplay and that makes me very sad.

So when thinking of what costume to make next, I knew I should pick one complex enough that I could split it up into mini cosplay projects so I could spread out the amount of work time and costs over a significant amount of time. I decided to do Faramir from the Lord of the Rings, and this tutorial will be for my first mini project: the breastpiece. Here goes!


Here are some AWESOME reference pictures I found of someone else’s costume:

Image Image

First off, I was VERY lucky to find a sheet of brown vinyl fabric which was exactly what I needed at Value Village for five bucks! I was quite ecstatic and had quite a hard time keeping my cool when I found it. If you need to find a similar fabric and don’t have quite as much luck, I would suggest scoping out the internet (I found some good ones on Etsy) as they didn’t have any when I went to Fabricville.


–          Approx. 1.5m of brown vinyl or anything that looks like leather (or, if you’re loaded, REAL leather would be prime!)

–          Approx. 1.5m of light brown or beige cotton-y fabric

–          Approx. 1/4m of dark brown quilted material (I used coat liner)

–          Silver metallic Sharpie

–          ModPodge OR clear nail polish

–          Good scissors

1. I decided to make the breastpiece so that in two separate pieces (a front and a back) attached by straps at the top and buckles on the sides.

2. I made the beige bottom layer of the breastpiece first. For this I laid the fabric down FOLDED OVER so that it was two layers thick. I placed a loose fitting t-shirt over top and traced the outline as best as I could tell from my reference photos. When I had the shape I wanted, I cut it out and sewed the two pieces together. I repeated this process for the back of the breastpiece. (I actually used two different colours as you’ll see in the pictures because I didn’t have enough of the beige fabric, it doesn’t really matter what you do 🙂 )

Image Image

3. Once the pieces were sewn together, I pinned up the middle so that when I placed the faux leather piece on top, everything would line up correctly and not slip out of place.


4. I then traced and cut the front and back pieces from the brown vinyl and sewed then onto the beige under pieces.


6. Now, since I’m a gal and I have gal parts in the breastplate area, I had to make some quick adjustments so it would lay properly at the front. All I did was pinch the excess fabric that stuck out along the sides of my lady parts and sewed them down.


7. Next I cut out twelve short strips of vinyl, folded them in half and sewed them periodically down the sides of the breastpiece where I wanted it to lace up.


8. For the sleeves, I traced a sleeve that I had cut off an old shirt and made sleeves out of a quilted coat liner material. I attached a thin vinyl strip to that and a snap on the top so it would attach onto the main breastpiece. (And repeated for the other sleeve, of course!)


9. I then printed out the Tree of Gondor pattern, cut it out, and traced it onto the vinyl with a pen. **Helpful hint: If you ever use pen on vinyl and mess up, it comes off nicely with hand sanitizer!

10. Then I coloured the tree in with a metallic Sharpie. Depending on the material used, the marker may not stick very well; mine sure didn’t (it rubbed off like nobody’s business). To remedy this, I went over the marker with clear nail polish. I only did this because I didn’t have ModPodge on hand at the time, that probably would be easier to work with as the nail polish got gooier the longer it was exposed to air and dried.

ImageAnd there you have it! I’m really excited to do the rest of this costume, but I’m not completely sure when I’ll have the time. I’m also working on some costumes for Halloween, a Hot Rod one for my friend and a Paulie Bleecker one for myself which I’ll post about when I get them done! Exciting times in the costume department, folks.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, if you have any questions or friendly hearsay, shoot me a comment below!

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving all you Canadians 🙂


(Faramir Gondor Cosplay Tutorial)


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