Ariel Cosplay

I have to admit, I’ve had a bit of a dry spot in the costume department. I got a little desperate so for this my thought process was as follows: My hair is red. I should make an Ariel costume. And just like that, I was off on another cosplay excursion.


That tiny, blurry screencap was what I was going for….And this is what I came up with:

DSC_0300     DSC_0306

Here’s a bit about how I made it


Skirt: The pattern I used for the skirt was a random really old pattern from the seventies I picked up at a thrift shop for 69 cents…So I think you’d have a hard time finding the same one. But luckily, the skirt on this dress is really generic so a good skirt pattern is easy to find. Here’s one I found quickly:

This was my first time doing a zipper. It’s not pretty but it’s functional!!


Corset: I would wager that this was the hardest part of this cosplay. At first, I thought the easiest thing to do would be to sew a strapless tank top to a white long sleeve shirt…That turned out awful. Just awful. Unless you’re fabulous at sewing stretchy fabrics together, I wouldn’t suggest attempting this route. So then I looked up a bunch of patterns for corsets. But eventually I decided I would leave it up to the professionals and resorted to buying one off ebay. This was the best one I could find:


The front is smooth with no boning which I thought would look the best. The back does up with a series of clasps.



Undershirt: I used just a plain white long sleeved shirt for under the corset. I do have to search for a new one though as, after I royally messed up sewing a tank top to it, the stitch ripping process tore quite a few holes in the front. But a new one should be easy to find and fairly cheap. I might go the puffed sleeves route as well.

Bow: I am wearing a bow in the picture, but I plan on making a new one from the excess fabric so the colour will match the skirt. That’ll have to come later though as I seem to have misplaced the bag full of fabric………….oops.

And there you have it! Mermaid it up.



(Ariel Cosplay Tutorial)


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