Character Wall Art

( * If you don’t feel like making these but still want one, I’m now selling them on Etsy with more characters to come! 🙂 )

The beginning of May came and my sister’s birthday was fast approaching…What should I get her? I knew anything that had to do with Sherlock, Merlin or Doctor Who would make her more than happy. However, it’s near impossible to find that fandom related crap we all love in stores in my small little not-British town. My first solution: scour the amazing world of Etsy. There was a flaw in that scheme however as I had less than a week until her birthday which wasn’t near enough time for something to come in the mail. My second solution: summon all of creative energy and make her something fandom related with my own two hands that wouldn’t make her cringe and say “Gee…thanks….Kristy.”  Here’s what I came up with: Since I’m really into cosplay and making costumes right now, I had some extra fabric kicking around and thought “why not make…costume wall art.” Just go with me on this one. It’s fairly quick, fairly easy, and fairly inexpensive; a win-win-win situation. Image What you’ll need: -scissors -stapler -fabric -buttons -picture frames (dollarama…:D). Mine were 4 by 6, you can use any size your little heart desires! -pizza box -needle and thread (brown and red) *NOTE: Since you only need a tiny amount of fabric for each picture, look for scraps at Value Village and in Fabricland bargain bins…I found everything I needed there for under ten bucks! For all three, I cut a square out of the pizza box that would fit in the frame where the picture usually goes. It took a few tries to get the right size, and it’ll be totally different for you depending on the frame you get. I started with Merlin since I knew he would be the easiest. If you look earlier in this blog, you’ll see that I just recently made a Merlin costume. What providence! I had a butt-load of extra fabric kicking around. If you don’t have what you need, I just used thin cotton material in bright red and blue. 1. Cut out a square of the blue fabric with about an inch and a half extra on each side. 2. Stretch it across the pizza box square and staple it from the back. It’s a bit tricky to get it so that the staple doesn’t show up on the front, but just be patient and fiddle around with it until you get it. 3. Cut out a small triangle out of the red fabric and lay it over the top of the square like a scarf would lay. You can either staple it down or use a needle and thread to bolt it down. 4. Cut off any extra fabric in the back and put it in the frame. Next I tackled my personal favourite, the Doctor! I was actually going to try and make a suit jacket for the Doctor but decided it was too difficult and settled for suspenders. For the Doctor’s undershirt, I actually used the same fabric I used in the undersleeves of my Merida dress. It’s a beige cottony material. 1. Cut out a square of the undershirt material and hand stitch two parallel lines down the middle. 2. Sew on buttons Image 3. Stretch it over the cardboard box and staple like you did with Merlin. 4. BOW TIES ARE COOL. Cut a rectangle out of your red Merlin fabric, pinch it in the middle, and sew it down. You may need a thimble here to get through the cardboard. Image 5. Sew or staple on two rectangular strips for suspenders and put in frame. And now onwards to Sherlock! It was quite a challenge finding the perfect material for his infamous coat. After searching Value Village I actually found what I was looking for in a shoe hanger thing….it’s sort of re-usable shopping bag material. I thought it was superlative! (Sorry about the horrible pictures..the lighting was awful and my camera completely washed out the colour of the fabric.) 1. Cut out a rectangle of your black fabric and staple it onto the pizza box like the previous two. 2. Cut out a rectangle of blue fabric, place it like a scarf would lay and staple it down. Image 3. Using a picture of his coat (or a real coat…) for reference, cut out two pieces of the fabric that look like the two overlapping sides of the coat and SEW them down. It would be too awkward to try to staple these with the way it lays over the scarf and all that jazz. Image 4. Sew on buttons with red thread and put in picture frame. And VOILA! Here is a gift perfect for any fangirl. You can easily make any character with an iconic costume (I was thinking of making Bilbo for myself…) The perks of sharing a room with your sister…You get to enjoy your own handiwork! Image Kristy


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