Duct Tape Dress Form – Custom Fit!!


Now that I’m dipping my toes into the costume making business, I’ve made a few dresses. And let me tell you, getting in and out of a half-finished dress a million and a half times to make sure it’s fitting properly is a pain in the butt. Not to mention trying to contort myself into inhuman positions while trying to pin pieces together with the dress on. There have been multiple times when I’ve cried out in exasperation, “GAH I NEED AN EFFING DRESS FORM.” Well…not really but having one of these nifty inventions would have eased my suffering significantly. Problem is they’re about a hundred bucks. So one day I was innocently roaming the kingdom of Pinterest when I happened upon this:


Could it really be that simple?? Could duct tape REALLY solve all my problems?

Well, there’s only one way to find out!  

Turns out, it IS quite doable, but not as simple as it seems.

Here’s what you need:

-Your body

-A friend (most of it you can do by yourself, but not all)

-A tight fitting t-shirt you don’t want anymore

-Duct tape and LOTS OF IT! I used almost a whole jumbo sized roll

-Tape measure

-Pillow fluff (I used about one and a half pillows worth)


1. Put on that old t-shirt! One thing I wish I’d done (and it is like that in the original picture) is wore a longer t-shirt so my hips would be part of the mold. Keep that in mind!


2. Start taping. Use long strips of tape and start by taping up the front. Try and tape diagonally as well as vertically. Do a couple layers so the form is sturdy.


That’s him waving!

3. Grab your friend (Or your brother…) If you’ve been taping yourself up thus far, you probably came to realize (unless you have super human powers of elasticity) that you can’t exactly reach the upper regions or your back. That’s when you enlist a friend or family member to help!


4. Cut yourself out…Be careful. Take scissors and cut up the front (or the back if your friend is still hanging around to help). Take off your dress form.

5. Seal it up. Make sure you tape it so the sides match up EXACTLY!


6. Seal the neck line and arm holes with long strips of tape.


7. Stuff that form. Go ahead, STUFF IT. Cut up your pillows and tear that fluff apart. Make sure there’s enough in the boob area!


8. Before you seal the bottom of the form, take some measurements. Measure your bust, waist and hips to make sure your form has the same measurements. I stuffed it too full the first time and it turned out WAY too fat. Once everything matches, seal up the bottom.


9. Now it should be pretty close to your body. The only way to tell is to put a dress on the form that you know fits you perfectly. Mine was still too fat so I pinched the back and re-taped it. That fixed the problem.


This form isn’t perfect, but it is certainly better than nothing! Thank you Pinterest!!!

Try it out, your future self will thank you the next time you go to make a dress.

Good luck!



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