Stargate Cosplay – as the Stargate!!

Another super easy yet super awesome cosplay.


I think Stargate fans with a passion for cosplay (if there are any of you out there….) understand what I mean when I say it’s difficult deciding how to represent your love for the show in costume form. I’ve done the generic SG team member, Jaffa robes and even attempted a Nox. I’ve contemplated Goa’uld but couldn’t think a convincing way to pull that one off and a Wraith or Prior would probably be (though I hate to admit defeat) a little too ambitious. So one day I thought……HECK. Why don’t I just be the Stargate!

*Special props to anonymous friend who inspired me with a similar idea.

Here’s the run-down: (Sorry….no step by step pictures.)

1. I used a stretchy blue fabric (so I wouldn’t have to worry about zippers or anything) and used a super simple dress pattern.

2. I sewed a circle of gray fabric around the bottom.

3. Using a Sharpie and some pictures off google, I drew the outline of the inner ring and the symbols on the grey fabric. This picture was really helpful:

4. I then used grey and orange felt to make the chevrons so they wouldn’t fray. And VOILA!

Note: I sewed on each part of the chevrons, but you could also use fabric glue. It would be easier, but I really wanted to ensure that they wouldn’t fall off.

Godspeed, my friends!



(Stargate Cosplay Tutorial)


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