Merlin Cosplay


*Cue John Hurt* In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a Merlin cosplay rests on the shoulders of a young girl…Her name…Kristy. That’s me. And this is how you make a Merlin costume.


You’ll be happy to know that this is probably the easiest costume to make…ever. Well, maybe not the easiest. But it’s pretty gorram close! You do however need a bit of luck whilst popping tags at thrift shop. Luckily the odds were ever in my favour today and fantastic finds plus half price sales made me one happy costumer!

I started off where I usually do: Fabricland. I got one metre of bright red fabric for the scarf, and two metres of bright blue fabric for the shirt/tunic.


Step one. Cut out a triangle. The end.


No really, this might take a few tries to get the right size. Mine ended up about two and a half feet across at the widest point. You don’t need to hem the edges because if you look closely at Merlin’s, it kinda looks like a rag. Nothing fancy, no need to be precise!


If you’re not in a sewing mood, you can always just wear a plain blue tshirt. I just thought I’d avoid the hassle of finding a shirt baggy enough and make one! Just like in my Merida tutorial, I traced around a t-shirt I already owned leaving an inch or two on either side so it would be pretty baggy. I pinned it, cut it out, and sewed up the sides! Easy as 3.14159.

The brilliant thing about the jacket is that you don’t have to worry about sleeves!



*This is where I make all the ridiculously stupid mistakes so you don’t have to. Basically…..I sewed the sleeve holes closed. Don’t do that. It’s quite counter-productive.

Now it’s time to hit Value Village! What you’re looking for: A belt (if you don’t already have one that’s long enough to knot), brown boots with buckles, beige jacket, black baggy pants (optional).

I lucked out here. I got brown boots with buckles for seven bucks at Value Village and a beige jacket for twelve at the Salvation Army. The jacket needed some alterations; here’s what I did:

First I cut off the collar so it was significantly shorter. This wasn’t necessary, but Merlin’s doesn’t have a collar so I just cut it off. 😀

Also, it came with a zipper. So I cut that off too! I was a mad man with the scissors.


Finally, it was pretty huge. So I attempted to make it fit better. This didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but that’s okay.




I wore this on Halloween and dressed it down with a mustard cardigan! It was a lot less hot and more comfortable for a party setting than the big coat.

Now where’s my Arthur???



(Merlin Cosplay Tutorial)


3 thoughts on “Merlin Cosplay

  1. Well then! I wish I had it that easy, haha. I’ve been trying to do this cosplay for a while now. Issue is….well…..why is it that a girl has such an easier time doing this than a guy? I mean really!!! The boots and the everything and the so on. Sheesh!

    Anyways, great post. Looks great and you have me feeling jealous. Keep it up!

    PS: Really, all the Merlin cosplays i’ve found online have been from girls. Which is absolutely ok. What is not ok is how much harder it is for a tall guy to do this. So the above comment is justified 😉

      • Haha I’ve been trying to do this for ages. This is the first time I’ve had something start to come together. Im going to the Anime Midwest con in a week so I need to get everything straightened out!

        Really, why in the world do only girls do this cosplay? Its quite amusing. Also a tad bit annoying. It might be awkward if I run into an Arthur over there.

        Thanks for that link! I will see if it will work out. Very helpful.

        Anywho, thanks for the time and attention. I appreciate it.

        PS I fully appreciate and love all your references and quotes in the blog. Firefly ones are the best! Cheers.

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