TO ComicCon: Costume Roundup!

I’ll limit my commentary here…other than a few tidbits! There were a lot of awesome cosplays this year, some recurring ones from Fan Expo, and a lot I’d never seen before. Here are the highlights!


Lesbehonest. No Con is complete without a Ghostbuster.



Kudos to these girls! The only Merlin related thing I saw all day…



That’s one gorram shiny Cap’n Mal!


Alright. This was the coolest thing I saw all day. It’s not a costume, but it’s essential I show you guys. This lady has been collecting autographs of Stargate cast members for three years. She has so many!  A lot of the main casts as well as people like Jonas and Martouf! Craziness. I stared at it for longer than I like to admit. Image Even Jedi need their beauty sleep..

The End



Any thoughts? Leave 'em here!

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