Toronto ComicCon: Celebrity Encounters

What a day! This con was no Emerald City, but it was still quite awesome. Probably the most notable the guests were almost the ENTIRE cast of Star Trek: Next Gen. I was particularly looking forward to seeing Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, and Jonathan Frakes…For various reason (impossibly long lines and time conflicts primarily) I didn’t get to actually meet any of them. But I was within less than twenty feet of them!

I did actually get to meet the one and only Sean Astin.

(We considered asking him to sign a potato…but we didn’t have one handy. DANG! I will definitely be carrying a potato at all times from hence forth.)


He is an incredibly sweet and normal man! He managed to get in a Harlem Shake video, a lot of information about LOTR, Goonies, Rudy and a bunch of his other small films and mentioned Billy Boyd’s Scottish band, Beecake, (which I now listen to on a regular basis) all into a one hour Q&A!!

I also went to Tori Higginson’s Q&A.


Not gonna lie, I’m not a Dr. Weir superfan by any means. I actually think she’s rather annoying. But Tori  is just so sweet. She was really exuberant and interacted with the crowd well. She described what it was like to work with RDA and the shenanigans Jason Momoa would get into off camera. I can’t help but look at Dr. Weir in a different light now since she impressed me so much!

I always love meeting celebrities and this Saturday was extra special because Samwise is one of my favourite characters….of all time! It’s always nice to find out that those you admire are incredibly nice and beautiful people.

If you want any more information on the Q&A’s, shoot me a comment!

Just because I love you, here’s a picture I snapped that I think should be put in a hall of fame for sheer awesomeness. Brent Spiner and Sean Astin just chilling. (yes, that’s Merida hair. We had a fangirl freakout sesson together when Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis came walking past Sean.)


Until next time!



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