The Great RDA

The Great RDA


Looks like I’ll be adding another check to my bucket list..RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON IS COMING TO FAN EXPO 2013! I am very very glad no one was home when I got this email because I screamed. and cried. and hyperventilated a little. and laid on the kitchen floor while doing all three of the previously mentioned actions simultaneously. 

If you live in or around Toronto, Fan Expo will be the place to be in August!!!!! 

See you there! 



8 thoughts on “The Great RDA

    • Why yes, they do! And I’m glad I’ve found a kindred spirit! A lot of people are grumbling that RDA should’ve come ten years ago, but I just about peed with excitement. Two years ago they had Michael Shanks, last year Amanda Tapping and now this! I’m praying for Chris Judge next year…let’s keep the SG-1 streak going!!! You should definitely coooooooome.

      • I didn’t even know any of this stuff happened! And I moved here three years ago! So I’m kinda glad they didn’t have RDA ten years ago, or I really would have missed it. 😛

        I know Michael Shanks can be spotted around TO sometimes, so I do have a little dream about seeing him somewhere if I can’t meet him at a con, I’m not so sure about Amanda Tapping? But if RDA comes this year and Chris comes next year, well, two outta four ain’t bad! Would also love to see Claudia Black and Ben Browder, but I’m guessing they don’t spend too much time in this part of the world.

        I figured the cons all focused on SGU now, if they did anything Stargate at all, which I just can’t bring myself to care about so I stopped looking around, and decided to go on a tour of all the filming locations in BC instead. Now I can do both 🙂

        Also, I read your blog about your friend getting you Michael Shanks picture. Awesome.

      • Wow! A tour of the filming locations….That’s incredible! Also, if you look in my post on the cosplays from TO ComicCon, the lady with all the autographs on her Stargate had Ben Browder, so he must come around here sometimes! I’d love to see him and Claudia too..And Corin Nemec! Apparently he’s really sweet.

      • Yeah! Well, we figured we’re already in Canada, lets just go for it. Apparently some of the places that they filmed look really different now, but I imagine that a lot of the parks they used still look the same.

        That signed Stargate is SO cool. I would love to see Corin, I’ve heard that he’s really nice before. He was in a boating accident not too long ago, right? Will have to google how he’s doing. If I remember correctly he was really lucky to even be alive and he got away with a broken leg.

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