SMASH Book Walk-Through


 Good afternoon, comrades! 

This past summer, after I graduated and before I got a job, I had a lot of time on my hands. After watching LOST in a few weeks I was deciding whether to rewatch Chuck, Stargate or Enterprise when I thought, ‘Hey, why don’t I do something creative with my life?”. That’s when I waltzed to Michael’s and bought myself a SMASH book.



If you are in a similar situation with a lot of time and not much to do, or you just need to satisfy your creative edge I would highly recommend investing in a SMASH book (not a very large investment folks, they’re like eleven bucks). In this book of blank pages you can glue, tape, clip, slide, paint, stick and draw anything and everything you want with absolutely no organization and you’ll end up with an awesome documentation of your journey through life.

In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the pages in my SMASH book. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to start smashing or, if you already have, give you some ideas for new pages. Here goes!



1. A bit about yourself

In my personal opinion this page is essential in all SMASH books. It’s the very first page in mine! Take all the little things that sum up to equal you, and stick ‘em down.


2. Magazine clippings (Hey look, it’s Ellen!)

You can find all sorts of crazy things in magazines. ALL SORTS! I acquired a stock pile of about fifty Mcleans magazines from my friend. I also had a few Readers’ Digest and Ciniplex magazines at my disposal. I would recommend finding some magazines no one wants, flipping through and ripping or cutting out whatever catches your eye or strikes your fancy. Pictures, quotes, letters, anything! Put all these clippings in a bag and even if you don’t have a page to put them on now, odds are you will in the future.



3. Post Cards 

I have a small collection of post cards I’ve received from friends over the years that I managed to layer on one page. This is a great way to remember your friends when they’ve gone away!



4. Newspaper articles

Newspaper or magazine articles are an awesome way to document a major event. Try and get the date it was published and newspaper/magazine name in the clipping.



5. Collection sample 

If you have a collection of something crazy, candy wrappers, hockey cards, notes from friends, or ANYTHING (stamps in my case) take a sampling of this collection and stick it on a page!



6. Show souvenirs

If you enjoy seeing plays or musicals, make sure you save your ticket and take an extra program to cut away at!




7. Folding

A great way to put items in that are bigger than the page you want to put them on is to fold them and place them on the page so it can be unfolded, but put other objects over top so it doesn’t look weird.



8. Vacation

Dedicate a page to one of your favourite places to visit. Try and collect a bunch of random little things while you’re there that represent the location and are flat enough to go in the book.



9. Life Events 

Use pages to document major events of your life (like graduating high school!) On this page, I have the receipt for my dress as well as a piece of fabric from the dress. Also, my prom ticket and of course, pictures!



10. Show off a hobby 

If you have a hobby such as photography like me, make sure to stick evidence of that in your book! Even things like knitting or crocheting if you use thin enough yarn you could place a granny square or something in the book. Be creative about it! Think outside the box.



11. Bucket List

We all have one, whether we’ve actually written it down or we’re keeping track in our heads. This book is a great place to write down all the little things you want to accomplish in your life…Dream BIG!



12. Fandoms

Self explanatory. Stick down awesome stuff from all your fandoms.



13. Document Cons

Since I assume a lot of you reading this blog go to conventions…Make sure you take lots of pictures of costumes, displays and celebrities you meet. Cons are also RIDDLED with little pieces of nerdy paper! Whether it’s business cards of vendors, programs for events, tickets for waiting in line for celebs, WHATEVER! Make sure you keep it and stick it here! 


This didn’t want to rotate for some reason…just turn your head 🙂

14. ….What have I got in my pocket?  

Pockets, pockets, pockets. Pockets are amazing. If you have something you’d really like to put in your book but don’t really want to ruin it with glue or tape, stick it in a pocket!



15. Pet hair

I haven’t done a page for my pets yet, but I do have this. I got this idea from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s scrapbook actually. Some of you might think it’s weird, but I think keeping a clipping of your pet’s hair is a really great way to remember them when they’re gone.




We all have our favourite quotes. But instead of posting them on facebook, why not display them creatively in your SMASH book?? Try using symbolic pictures from where the quote came from (TARDIS, Simba, William Wallace war paint, Sherlock falling :(, etc)



17. Let go of the reins 

If you want to have a little fun, hand the pen to someone else! I actually didn’t hand it to my brother for this page…it was more of a stealing action on his part. But at least I have an accurate documentation of him.

Alright! Those are some of the most creative pages in my SMASH book. Some still have blank spots, but the good thing about that is I can keep adding to the pages in the future! I have spent a lot of time on this and I look forward to showing it to my kids someday.

I hope this spurred your creativity! If you use any of these ideas or have any awesome ideas of your own, post a comment and let me know!

Until we meet again,



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