Life of Pi on Oscar Night

ImageA big congratulations sent from me to everyone involved with Life of Pi in lieu of the Oscars last night! If you didn’t tune in, Life of Pi snagged best director, original score, cinematography AND visual effects! This is an incredible book I would recommend to anyone. Usually I get fed up with how meticulously we tear apart the literature we study in high school; sometimes it feels like your trying way to hard to find a profound meaning that isn’t really there. This is not true with Life of Pi though. I studied it in grade 11 and I thoroughly enjoyed picking through every last aspect of it. In fact, I believe that’s the only way you can truly understand the complexity of this incredible novel. Props to Yann Martel (CANADIAN!)

P.S. Jennifer Lawrence was incredible too, and had the best acceptance speech of the night šŸ˜›



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