How I (sort of) Met Michael Shanks

One of the entries on my bucket list is to meet and acquire autographs from each of the original members of SG-1 (Bonus point for Cam, Jonas and Vala). I started checking off that list in 2011.  Here’s my Sheldon Cooper-esque story of how I sort of met Michael Shanks, aka Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1:

When I found out that Michael Shanks was coming to Fan Expo in 2011, I almost peed my pants. I’ve been watching Stargate since elementary school and am absolutely in love with everything about it (except Universe, of course :P). I enlisted my best friend (also a Stargate fan, though more of a mediocre one) to come with me. We had to wait in huge lines all day, first to get in to the con and also to meet Michael. But it was all worth it because “OMG we’re within a two kilometre radius of Michael Shanks!!!! *Squeel”…or so we thought. The first thing we did when we got there was get in Michael’s line. We waited for about two hours until they announced that *Dun dun dun* his plane was delayed and he wouldn’t be there until the next day. My heart sunk in to my shoes, and yes, I almost cried.Image We somehow managed to enjoy the rest of the day, however. Fast forward two days later in the con and my friend decides to go with her boyfriend. While she’s in Michael’s line, I’m texting her the whole time asking her what’s going on, how does he look, is he being nice to the fans, etc. Eventually I lose all sense of self restraint and text her this:

“Show him this text!
Dear Mr. Shanks:
I came to see you on Friday and
was very disappointed that you
couldn’t make it. I love you and
appreciate the many hours of
entertainment you have and will
provide me with as Daniel
on SG-1. I hope to see you at a
convention later. Love: your
biggest fan! Kristy
DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!”

After that, she stopped texting me. WHAT?! The next day she texted me and told me she was coming over. She shows up at my house with THIS THING OF BEAUTY.Image Long story short, I am forever indebted to you, friend who will remain anonymous. Thank you. Thank you. A million times thanks you.




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