Hermione Granger Cosplay

I made this costume for the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. My friend made one as well. My town’s cosplay spirit wasn’t very high that night and we stuck out like a sore thumb but hey! it was still jolly good fun. Now, keep in mind, this was the first costume I had ever made; make allowances accordingly. Never fear, there are better one to come, I promise.

Image<– Here it is.

How I made it:

Truth be told, there wasn’t too much ‘making’ involved, more collecting. — – Shirt: The white collared shirt is one of my dad’s.

– Plaid Skirt: The skirt is from a yard sale (25 cents, SCORE and a half!) — Tie and Vest: The tie and sweater vest are both from value village.

-Robes: I did however, have to make the robes. This was a while ago and so this tutorial won’t be very good. I didn’t take pictures while making the robes and I can’t find the site we used for instruction :/! Here’s what my friend and I did:

1. We first went to Fabricland to get fabric. This movie came out in the summer and so we got the lightest fabric we could find. I believe we got two metres each.

2.When we got back to her house, we laid the fabric on the ground folded in half so the crease was on top where the neck would be.

3. We then laid down on it, spread out our arms to the side and drew what we wanted the size of the robes to be on the fabric.

4. Then we cut it out, and sewed up the edges!
It is super easy, and a project I would recommend for any Potterhead. You never know when robes will come in handy!

-For the red border on the collar of the sweater vest, I hand sewed a ribbon that I had gotten on a present from a friend on the collar! It was a really random find, I thought it would be a good accent on the costume so on it went!

– For the Gryffindor crest on the sweater vest and robes I used a transfer paper that you print a picture on and then iron it onto fabric. I got is from Michaels and it’s super handy and easy to use, though a little pricey…

I would really recommend this costume for Halloween or a Harry Potter party or anything that requires you to dress up! You don’t need to be that talented with a sewing machine and it looks pretty cool. It might take a little searching at Value Village and a bit of yard sale-ing, but all the components are pretty easy to find generally.

– Kristy


My very own Crookshanks!


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